About Us

Saran Associates is a team of powerful innovators, where intention is always towards consumer delight within demanding constraints.

We have designed some of the most beautiful spaces that, in each and every case, optimise design to deliver a noticeable increase in the quality of the consumer experience.

Our unique proposition is to unlock true value for both the client and consumer, delivering exceptional functionality and improved experience through world-class design. In short, we offer groundbreaking innovation and design that makes consumers happy and businesses profitable.

# Passion for design

Our Projects


Innovation is all about value addition and novelty. To add value sometimes means to simplify, make it real simple for ease of use.

As Leonardo Da Vinci quoted “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. To make things/process simple means to dive deep in understanding the same. Making things simple is not easy, needs more application of thought and lots of research. We have been working on a process called design thinking, a process which has helped so many organisations to find creative simple solutions to problems of various spectrum. We believe design can redefine how people interact with space or objects. We are digging deep to understand human factors which have defined their habits, the way people use or operate around a space or object.



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